Irish hellraiser Colin Farrell's foul mouth has landed him in trouble again - when censors at MTV failed to edit out one of the curse words he used during an interview on a teen chart show.

The PHONE BOOTH star visited the New York studio of TOTAL REQUEST LIVE (TRL) today (07AUG03) with LL Cool J and Samuel L Jackson to promote their new movie S.W.A.T.

And the embarrassment soon began when the show's presenter Carson Daly gushed, "It's great to have you on. I you missed last time you were here for Phone Booth. I wasn't around."

Cheeky Colin, aware of Daly's reputation as a womaniser quickly shot back, "Who were you doing at that stage of the game?"

In the dead silence which followed, a seemingly unamused Daly responded, "I don't know," before rapidly changing the subject.

Farrell then sung the praises of the amount of guns his S.W.A.T training gave him access to, declaring he "shot the s*** out of the c***s" - but censors failed to bleep the latter curse word.

Rapper-turned actor LL Cool J continued to turn the air blue when he walked into the studio and declared in a mock Irish accent, "Me b******s is paining me," when asked how he was. The star credited Farrell for his knowledge of the European term.

A curse counter especially for Farrell appeared at the bottom of the screen, which totalled at a modest seven for the hunk by the end of the hour-long show.

07/08/2003 21:33