The mother of Colin Farrell's son begged the actor to curb his wild ways so he could be a good father to baby James.

The ALEXANDER star hints model KIM BORDENAVE - who became pregnant after a brief fling with Farrell - was unhappy with his well-documented excesses and asked him to set a better example to the one-year-old.

He says, "I have a child with a great woman and she's a wonderful mother. But we're not together. She loves her son and if she thinks my way of living is unhealthy for our son, then that's a problem.

"So it's not like I've taken the pledge and started singing in the choir but there are things I used to do that I just won't do any more. Things I wouldn't be a**ed doing any more, which is good for my head and health anyway. And to be honest, I've had my fill of them... All I need these days is a few drinks.

"Before, when I was bored, I'd dabble with other stuff. I'm very conscious of being a responsible dad. That doesn't mean I have to curb the itch to go out and have a laugh. But I just want to be responsible and helpful to Kim."

24/01/2005 21:20