Movie wildman Colin Farrell is a changed man following the birth of his son JAMES - and is begging ex-love KIM BORDENAVE to give him joint custody of the adorable lad.

The Phone Booth hunk says he has been given a reason to live following the arrival of his first child, and insists he's curbed his love of drink, women and carousing in order to be a good father.

And Colin says he is willing to do anything to play a big role in James' life, including being more selective about the film roles he accepts.

Doting Colin says, "There are things I may have done before my son was born that I won't do anymore.

"He's given me a will to live I never had before. A will to stay around for a long time because I want to see him grow up. We're in the process of working out custody details and, please God, there will be shared custody.

"There will have to be timetables and schedules, but I will always be in his life for ever. He'll always know who his dad is.

"I adore him. For me, fatherhood is the ultimate success."

12/07/2004 01:48