Colin Farrell helped raise $20,000 (GBP11,100) at an auction to aid the victims of Hurricane Katrina - by selling himself on Friday (02SEP05).

Miami Vice co-star Jamie Foxx took bids for a date with Farrell and when nervous women weren't forthcoming at the Delano Hotel charity bash in Miami Beach, Florida, decided to ask for group bids.

One bunch of 10 friends bid $10,000 (GBP5,550) for a date with the Irishman, while another woman doubled the bid for her own one-night stand.

And generous Farrell helped boost the fund too - he paid $50,000 (GBP27,800) for a portrait of Ray Charles.

Meanwhile, fellow human auction item Paris Hilton was brought to tears when one fan bid $200,000 (GBP111,100) to spend New Year's Eve with the socialite.

She said, "It's so generous. I'm crying right now."