The woman who accused Colin Farrell of stalking her is convinced the Irish lothario persuaded TV bosses to belittle her claim in a new show about her allegations - in which she fails a lie detector test.

Former sex-chat-line worker DESSARAE BRADFORD agreed to take a polygraph test on US network PAX-TV's LIE DETECTOR show, to prove she was telling the truth when she filed a lawsuit alleging Farrell tormented her with lewd phone calls and text messages.

But when the programme's host ROLANDA WATTS told Bradford the machine had proved she was lying, Bradford called her a whore and accused the Phone Booth hunk of bribing the show's bosses to undermine her claims.

Bradford, who's currently promoting her self-published book COLIN FARRELL: A DARK TWISTED PUPPY, fumes, "I was set up. I think Colin's lawyer and the people who handle his image have spent tens of thousands of dollars to manipulate the outcome of the show.

"He became obsessed with me, so they tried to chew me up in the Hollywood machine."

But Watts counters, "She called me a Hollywood whore. It's the first time I've ever wanted to walk out of an interview. I wanted to jump across that table and strangle her."

Executive producer MARK PHILLIPS laughs, "Yes, Colin Farrell paid me $2 million, and he gave me a cashier's check."

Farrell's rep adds, "We don't know her. As far as I know, her case was dismissed in Santa Monica City Court on March 24."

Bradford and her Los Angeles lawyer SEAN BRAL have vowed to refile the lawsuit against Farrell in a higher court.

07/04/2005 17:04