Colin Farrell found kissing Kate Beckinsale ''a bit tricky'' on the set of 'Total Recall'.

The Irish actor plays the leading role in a remake of the classic 1990 science fiction movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, but he admits getting close to co-star Kate while director Len Wiseman - who is in a relationship with her - was in the room, was difficult.

He said: ''All joking aside, kissing her was a bit tricky because you don't kiss another man's woman when he's looking.

''It was one of the most uncomfortable days I've had on a film set and I'm so glad we didn't get past first base in The Script. Not that Len was worried, but there was a certain anxiousness in his voice when he called, 'Cut'.''

Colin claims the new version of the movie is straighter than the original, but he hopes people still enjoy it.

He added to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: ''It has things to say, it's very beautiful to look at and hopefully it's clever enough and emotionally engaging enough to keep the audience interested.''