Colin Farrell found working on 'Ondine' a "more personal" experience than his other film work.

The actor returned to his home nation of Ireland to shoot the movie, and says it was incredibly different to a big-budget Hollywood shoot.

He said: "Did it feel different? It just felt more personal. This was a very personal story, a very intimate tale with no bells and whistles, just a very astute character piece."

The movie was shot in Cork - the same place he made his first movie 'Falling For A Dancer' - and Colin admits he enjoyed the "nice closing of a full circle", but insists it isn't important for him to still make Irish movies, even though he enjoys it.

He added to Total Film magazine: "It's not a goal I'm conscious of, re-connecting to my kin or the land I come from. Having said that, it was a Beautiful Thing to be able to be afforded to do, and lovely to go back and work."