Colin Farrell's sons wish he was Buzz Lightyear.

The 35-year-old actor - who has eight-year-old James and 22-month-old son Henry from previous relationships - has taken his kids to work with him but says they are so far unimpressed by his profession.

He said: "They've both been on set but they're only into the peanut butter sandwiches and all the fixes of craft services.

"If I was Buzz Lightyear from 'Toy Story' they'd be over the moon, but I'm not.

"I don't do stuff that gets them."

The actor loves being a father and is delighted with the progress James- who suffers from rare genetic disorder Angelman Syndrome - has made.

He said: "He didn't walk until he was four years old and his speech development was also slow, but he's a really happy boy."

Colin admits his career has slowed down in recent times because he has learned to appreciate his life outside of work.

He added to the Independent newspaper: "It's important for me to have a life outside of film. I did the whole living-in-hotels thing for seven years and that was a very specific chapter of my life. Now I aim for more balance."