Hunky actor Colin Farrell is living up to his wildman reputation with crazy nights out in New York in between shooting new movie HOME AT THE END OF THE WORLD

The Irish star is filming in New York's East Village, and has been dragging co-star Robin Wright PENN and director Michael Cunningham out for debauched nights.

The threesome were spotted at lap-dancing club SCORES on Monday night (26MAY03), where Colin asked for his favourite blonde dancers, EVELYN and VICTORIA. The tempting twosome were off-duty, so Farrell and friends had to settle for lap dances from other girls.

An onlooker tells the PAGESIX website Farrell had his arm around Penn - who's married to temperamental star SEAN PENN - for much of the night, and that the two downed several rounds of strawberry Kamikazes before piling into a cab with Cunningham at 4am.

Last week (ends25MAY03), Farrell brightened a lucky woman's birthday bash at LESHKO'S restaurant.

He was dining with Penn and Cunningham when he was approached by a plucky patron, who convinced Farrell to stop by the birthday babe's table and say hello, which Farrell then topped by putting the birthday girl's bill on his tab.

28/05/2003 13:38