Colin Farrell made a surprise cameo in Cate Blanchett's movie VERONICA GUERIN as a beer-swilling soccer hooligan.

Blanchett starred as the titular journalist who's in the midst of tense investigations of Dublin, Ireland's underground drugs world, when she comes across Farrell's character who, after a brief conversation, offers to take her out for a drink.

Film-maker Joel Schumacher, who has directed Farrell in Phone Booth and TIGERLAND, says, "It's no secret that I think Colin is one of the finest young actors alive. However, playing a drunk soccer hooligan is not the greatest stretch.

"I made him do a Texas accent in Tigerland and a Bronx accent in Phone Booth. No way could I shoot on the streets of Dublin and not use him.

'He just happened to be visiting, and he wanted to meet Cate. This was a couple of years ago when he couldn't get a part and he held her in such awe. But he saw she was just one of the guys."

15/10/2003 02:29