Colin Farrell adopted a business-like approach to shooting sex scenes with Nicole Kidman.

The 41-year-old actor stars alongside the award-winning actress in the new psychological thriller 'The Killing of a Sacred Deer', in which their characters become intimate with one another, but Colin said he considers steamy scenes to be part and parcel of his job.

He explained: ''You get through [those scenes] as quickly as you can, while not rushing it at the same time. It's very much business.

''You're there to tell a story. You're there to honour the characters that have been written by somebody else and whose voice you are now beginning to adapt to yourself. You hear, 'Cut,' and everyone looks away, and you make sure that the person you're working with has cover.''

Nicole, 50, plays Colin's wife in the new movie, and she's admitted to feeling ''safe'' while shooting the loves scenes with the Irish star.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': ''I think from the minute [Colin and I] met, I just felt safe, which is always a great place to be with another actor.''

Nicole also claimed that such scenes often form a central part of telling the story.

The Australian actress shared: ''As soon as I take myself out of the equation, it's just the storytelling.

''These particular scenes are very much needed for the relationship. They say so much.''

Meanwhile, Nicole recently revealed she doesn't regard the steamy scenes with Colin to be conventional sex scenes, as the term is usually defined.

Recalling her first reaction to reading the script, Nicole said: ''I read it and I re-read it and then I re-read it! But it's really unusual and really interesting about what it says about the relationship.

''I don't view them as 'sex scenes' because I view the interaction between people sexually. I don't label them 'sex scenes' because they're still part of the narrative.''