Colin Farrell, the multi-award winning Irish actor, is currently being considered to play the lead role in a planned remake of the 1990 sci-fi movie 'Total Recall', which originally starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
However, the 34-year-old will have the fend of stiff competition to land a part in the movie, which follows the story of a man who discovers that all of his memories have been implanted and that he's actually a secret agent with powerful enemies on the planet Mars. Michael Fassbender, the star of 'Inglorious Basterds', and Tom Hardy of 'Inception' are also being considered by film bosses, and it is thought that Farrell's association with the universally criticised 'Miami Vice' film could jeopardize his chances of landing the big budget film. Despite this, Farrell has recently starred in a number of well-received films, such as the black comedy 'In Bruges', and the Oscar winning 'Crazy Heart'.
The new film is being made by Columbia Pictures and filming is set to go ahead in March 2011 with the director of 'Underworld' Len Wiseman getting behind the camera