Colin Farrell didn't think he should be hired for 'In Bruges'.

The Irish actor fell in love with the story when he read it, but was worried his troubled personal life would take too much attention away from the movie and suggested the role of a suicidal hitman be offered to someone else.

He said: "When I read it, I said to Martin McDonagh, the director, 'I don't think you should hire me'. I said I come with a certain amount of baggage that has been well earned through the years and this piece is so pure I would love the audience to not have too much of a relationship with any of the actors.

"Thankfully, he didn't listen to me..."

The actor also admitted he was unhappy with his movie 'Miami Vice' and thinks filmmakers "missed an opportunity" with the 2006 remake.

He told Total Film magazine: "I didn't like it so much. I thought it was style over substance and I accept a good bit of the responsibility.

"I think we missed an opportunity. It was never going to be 'Lethal Weapon', but I think we missed an opportunity to have a friendship that also had some elements of fun."