Colin Farrell is ''happy'' in his relationship with a mystery woman.

The 41-year-old actor - who has two sons, 14-year-old James with his ex-girlfriend, model Kim Bordenave, and eight-year-old Henry with his former partner, Polish actress Alicja Bachleda-Curus - had previously been single for over six years before meeting his new beau, whose identity is not known to the public.

And despite their busy schedules, the 'Killing of a Sacred Deer' actor is determined to do his best to ''rendezvous'' with the mystery female whenever they have a moment of free time.

He said: ''My girlfriend, she travels a lot as well with work so often times we're two ships passing in the night but we make sure to find a port that we can, you know, rendezvous at.''

Whilst he won't reveal her identity, Colin insists his girlfriend doesn't work in the entertainment industry, and says he ''adores'' the woman he's been seeing for ''quite a while now''.

Speaking during an appearance on 'The Ellen Degeneres Show' on Tuesday (14.11.17), he added: ''No [she's not in the business], but she travels a lot in her work and works very hard. It's been quite a while now. I'm [happy], I adore her.''

Colin's new romance comes after he previously hinted he was considering joining dating app Tinder, after seeing friends find love online.

He said last year: ''I have friends who have met people on dating sites who have had really good relationships, and that's great. F**k anyone else who says that's bulls**t.''

The star also previously hinted he was considering a more mature way of hooking up with the opposite the sex.

The 'True Detective' star said: ''Why is it a bastion of honesty and sharing of truth to chat someone up at 6am in a club with a belly full of Jack Daniels? That's not exactly the real you either.''