Colin Farrell was inspired to get in shape for 'Total Recall' by watching 'The Biggest Loser'.

The 36-year-old actor is a big fan of the weight-loss TV show and admits he didn't eat any desert for four months to get in shape for Len Wiseman's remake of the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger film after watching the programme.

He told FOX411: ''One of my favourite shows on television is 'The Biggest Loser.' When people that size can lose weight and get healthy again, it is possible for anyone.

''I ate lots of greens and chicken, I didn't order dessert for four months. I stayed off the sugar and got myself on the treadmill. It's just discipline and not that hard when you apply the science to it.''

Colin recently admitted he was initially ''dubious'' about appearing in the action movie, but the director managed to persuade him that his take on the film would be completely different.

He explained: ''I loved Arnie in the original 'Total Recall', which I was when I was 15 or 16. There were some funny one liners, there were some great action sequences and really fun performances from Arnie and Sharon Stone. So when I was approached about a new version I was dubious.

''But although the characters exist within the same story frame and are battling with the same conceptual elements, they're very different characters, and for me that was a relief.''