Colin Farrell has admitted during an appearance on the Jonathan Ross show that his drinking habit was killing him.

The Miami Vice star told the BBC host: "I'd been drinking since I was 14. I was pretty sick. At the beginning [of recovery] I found it really hard.

"For me there was no choice... it was tough but I was dying. I was struggling not to have a complete meltdown... I was just gone.

"I'm glad I'm out of that cycle, I'm very lucky."

Farrell also told Ross that he was being serious about wanting to seduce Emmy award winning writer Dame Eileen Atkins: "The one that got away! I gave it all that I was worth. She's an incredibly attractive woman, wicked.

"I fell at the first hurdle, my ego couldn't take any more refusals. I saw her in New York and said our time will come... it's unfinished business!

10/10/2008 17:47:14