Coldplay frontman Chris Martin has been named the UK's fantasy Prime Minister in a new poll.

The survey, conducted by British rock magazine the NEW MUSICAL EXPRESS (NME), asked readers which musicians they would like to see taking current Prime Minister Tony Blair's place as the country's political figurehead.

Ethically minded stars including Bono, Morrissey and RADIOHEAD singer THOM YORKE were all front runners, but CLOCKS singer Martin, a fervent campaigner for fair trade, came out on top.

Even Members of Parliament (MPs) admitted they had much to learn from the politically aware hitmakers.

Parliamentary chairman for the LIBERAL DEMOCRATS, MATTHEW TAYLOR, says, "They are straight with their fans, you know where you stand with a band like Coldplay.

"One of the problems with politicians is they do spend a lot of time pretending to be something they're not and I think that's something politicians can learn."

20/04/2005 21:40