Coldplay frontman Chris Martin is still confused by the mechanics of childbirth - despite the birth of his daughter Apple over a year ago.

The YELLOW singer, whose new album X+Y is released next week (begs06JUN05), has compared conception with his equally-baffling iPOD MP3 player.

The 28-year-old says, "The more I think about things the more I don't understand them.

"It's like an iPOD - you understand that if you scroll the dial, you pick a song, but no one has the faintest clue what's going on inside.

"When I did biology, you'd understand intercourse and think, 'That goes in there, that goes in there, I understand that now.'

"And then, when you have a baby you're like, 'This is slightly more complicated that I imagined.'"

05/06/2005 10:32