Coldplay frontman Chris Martin is relieved he is no longer the British tabloids' number one target - as he can now begin to enjoy his celebrity.

Martin's marriage to Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow dramatically increased the level of interest surrounding him, but the singer is thankful for his "dream life" following the birth of the couple's daughter Apple as well as less media attention.

He says, "We are kind of old news now. The pressure seems to be on DAVID BECKHAM, POSH (Victoria Beckham), (British soccer star) Wayne Rooney and (his girlfriend) COLEEN.

"There was a crazy time when it all seemed a bit mad but things have settled down. It has become much easier.

"Having Apple has changed my life. I'm living a dream life. I'm in a band with my three best friends and I've got Apple and an amazing wife. I can't believe it."

06/06/2005 14:02