Coldplay frontman Chris Martin is paranoid his singing voice could suddenly vanish at any moment.

The rocker was so keen build on the momentum of Coldplay's success that the band headed straight back into the studio to record their third album X+Y within a week of their tour ending.

Martin says, "I just think life is so short and this opportunity might end at any point. Even today I'm terrified: 'Oh s**t, what if I can't sing anymore, ever? What if we roll over 200 metres ahead?'

"You've got to grab it while it's happening, work harder than anyone else."

The CLOCKS singer, married to Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow, also believes he's one of the hardest working men in rock.

He says, "It's all about turning up at the NME Awards and feeling you can look Sir Paul McCartney in the eye because you know you work as hard as him."

22/04/2005 02:30