Rockers Coldplay have topped OK! magazine's 2005 pop rich list after raking in an estimated $66.5 million (GBP37 million).

The CHRIS MARTIN-fronted band sold approximately 10 million copies of their album X+Y which, coupled with the clout of their sell-out tour, helped them beat several legendary acts to the top spot.

In second place was U2, whose income was $63 million (GBP35 million), followed by SIR Elton John who earned $54 million (GBP30 million).

THE Rolling Stones were in fourth place with earnings of $50 million (GBP28 million) before Sir Paul McCartney, who was fifth with $45 million (GBP25 million).

The remaining artists to make the top ten were veteran rocker Rod Stewart, music mogul Simon Cowell, Hollywood actor SIR Anthony Hopkins, rock family The Osbournes and Welsh beauty Catherine Zeta Jones.