British rockers Coldplay have sent fans on a global treasure hunt through books of ghost stories in a bid to win gig tickets.

The band's team has hidden lyric sheets handwritten by frontman Chris Martin relating to songs from new album Ghost Stories in books of creepy tales in libraries in nine different countries.

Fans will have to decipher clues given on Coldplay's page to track down the books and lyric sheets, one of which comes with a special golden ticket granting the winner a trip to London to see the band perform on 1 July (14).

A series of posts on the band's page read, "The band have decided to reveal the lyrics for each song from Ghost Stories by hiding them in ghost story books in libraries in 9 countries... clues to the exact locations of Chris's handwritten lyrics will be posted from today here on the Coldplay Twitter using #lyricshunt... One of the 9 #lyricshunt envelopes contains a special Golden Ticket, giving the finder a free trip to London to see Coldplay on 1 July... Several of the #lyricshunt envelopes are already hidden in ghost stories in libraries across the planet. So you're welcome to look..."