Coldplay lost around £5.5 million of tour profits because of freebies for fans.

The 'Paradise' hitmakers earned more than £35 million for their 'Mylo Xyloto' tour, but dedication to their fans, accommodation, food and drink all meant they were denied an even bigger payday.

According to reports in the Daily Mirror newspaper, the band's decision to hand out free 'xylobands' - wristbands which change colour in time with the music - cost them £4.22 million, with a further £1.1 million being spent on making the stage look its best.

They also spent almost £1 million on ''subsistence and hotels'' and £100,000 on catering.

A source revealed: ''There may have been high costs involved but other bands should take a look at these accounts and take note.

''With this tour, Coldplay were determined to put their fans first and give something back.

''That meant no expensive spared on set design, pyrotechnics, lighting as well as giving out the high-tech £3 wristbands, which became a massive part of the gigs.''

While it cost them, the band felt it was justified as they tried to put on the best show possible for their fans.

The insider added: ''If fans are paying £50 for a ticket, they are entitled to a good show and a spectacle. It's no longer enough to jump around on stage, looking pretty.''