British rockers Coldplay benefitted from delaying the release of their highly anticipated third album because singer CHRIS MARTIN suddenly found inspiration for a stand-out song.

The IN MY PLACE frontman channelled the anger and frustration he felt after enduring fruitless recording sessions into penning what he believes is the strongest track on new album X+Y.

He says, "The one benefit of time is that we've had a chance to wait for proper songs to land. The last song that's on the album came out of a conversation I was having at home after we thought we'd finished.

"I explained that we were still missing that one song. I got really angry and aggressive and this song just came out in five minutes, and a week later it's all done."

X+Y was originally meant to be completed by Christmas (04) in time for release this month (MAR05), but the band demanded more time from record label EMI because they were unhappy with the production on the original recordings.

22/03/2005 22:06