Coldplay's new album X+Y has been leaked on the internet a week before its official release.

The eagerly-awaited record was exposed on file-sharing sites yesterday (30MAY05) - seven days before it hits shop shelves (06JUN05).

But the band aren't too concerned about the breach - they're amazed it wasn't leaked earlier.

An insider says, "It's a miracle it hasn't leaked before now to be honest. It's released in Japan before Europe and they've played the album on their official website

"Most major albums leak a long time before release, this is just a few days."

But the SPEED OF SOUND band's record label EMI will be angry about the leak - they have desperately tried to keep the album under wraps, even sending review copies to the press under the pseudonym THE FIR TREES.

31/05/2005 13:57