Coldplay frontman Chris Martin tricked fans at a recent Arcade Fire show by going undercover as a skeleton-masked Dj.

The Yellow hitmaker didn't have to travel far for the Canadian rockers' show in London, England, earlier this month (Nov13), and at the suggestion of Arcade Fire's Win Butler, Martin made the most of the concert in his hometown.

In an interview with BBC Radio Two, Butler has confessed that the British singer showed off his skills in the Dj booth during the concert - but, in order to keep the focus on the band, he donned a disguise so fans would not recognise him behind the turntables.

Butler admits, "He (Martin) was out at the Dj booth with me (the other night) wearing a skull mask. It was pretty cool. He was the hype man, he's an amazing hype man... I don't think anyone recognised him."