One in ten albums bought in the US in 2008 were recorded by British artists, increasing the UK share of the North American market, it has been announced.

Transatlantic success for the likes of Coldplay, Duffy and Leona Lewis has helped the UK increase its share of the US and Canadian music market for the fourth consecutive year, according to new figures from the British Phonographic Industry (BPI).

While British artists account for ten per cent of US album sales, Brits are even more dominant in Canada, with a 15 per cent market share.

According to the BPI, the success of established acts such as Queen, Led Zeppelin and Coldplay - who sold more than five million singles in the US alone in 2008 - has been mirrored with growing popularity for new artists, including Lewis, M.I.A. and Estelle.

"Britain's creative industries consistently excel on the world stage with British music chief amongst them," said BPI chairman Tony Wadsworth.

"After the US, we are the biggest exporter of repertoire and, in the US itself, the UK is the second largest source of repertoire after US home grown artists.

"The increase in our North American market share reflects the UK's enduring ability to create world class artists."

14/04/2009 17:27:22