Colbie Caillat will celebrate America's Thanksgiving holiday a day late this year (12) so she can headline the annual parade in New York City on Thursday (22Nov12).

The singer, who grew up in Westlake Village, California, will spend the day away from her loved ones as she is due to ride a float during the annual MACy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in the Big Apple.

Caillat was initially devastated at missing the festivities at home until her relatives agreed to push the family's Thanksgiving Day back to Friday (23Nov12) so she can take part.

She tells the New York Post, "I was sad, I knew I had to miss one of my favourite family events in order to be in New York... (But) once I figured that (postponing it) out, I got really excited."

She adds, "I've been watching the MACy's Thanksgiving Day Parade since I was a little girl and never thought I would be there with all those fantastic balloons and New Yorkers lining the street."