'True Grit', the upcoming movie by the Coen Brothers is one of the most eagerly-anticipated releases of the year, and a new teaser trailer has his just hit the web. MTV News reports that fans of the brother's 2007 movie 'No Country for Old Men', won't be disappointed by what they see in the sneak peak for the new western.
The trailer depicts 14-year-old 'Mattie', who's determined to bring her father's killer, played by Josh Brolin, to justice. She recruits the booze-drinking 'Rooster Cogburn', played by Jeff Bridges, to help her in her bid for revenge. The movie is based on the 1969 JOHN WAYNE film of the same name, however, the Coen's version is likely to be far bloodier and more violent than the original. The movie is already being talked up as a possible Academy Award winner at next year's awards ceremony, with the UK's Guardian newspaper stating, "Released in time for Christmas, True Grit already looks like Oscar bait"
'True Grit' also stars Matt Damon, who plays Texas Ranger 'LaBoeuf', a role filled by the singer Glen Campbell in the original movie. The film is officially released in cinemas on December 25th 2010