Coco Rocha has landed a column in PC Mag.

The supermodel's unlikely-sounding venture will see her write a regular piece for the magazine on how new technologies can help the fashion industry in the future.

The tech-savvy star is a big fan of social media and is a prolific Twitter and Instagram user, as well as maintaining her own website, Oh So Coco.

Coco wrote on her blog: ''It might seem a little strange to have a high fashion model write for a technology magazine, but I'm actually the kind of girl who'd rather buy a new tablet over a new pair of heels any day of the week.

''[I will explore] the ways I think the worlds of fashion and technology can and are coming together.''

'The Face' star - who joined Naomi Campbell and Karolina Kurkova on the panel for the modelling competition's inaugural season - hopes to influence key designers to embrace new techniques which could help revolutionize the industry.

Coco's first column for PC Mag saw her visit Shapeways 3D printing factory in New York, which allows people who want to share and sell their designs.

She explained: ''How could 3D printing revolutionize the fashion industry? Well, for one thing it would radically change the way designers look at supply and demand.

''I know that we are right on the cusp of a serious revolution in the way we buy, sell, and manufacture clothing, and I think if the right industry leaders jump on these opportunities this could be a golden time in fashion.''