Coco Rocha finds attending the Met Gala more ''daunting'' than any other event.

The model was among the guest at the lavish New York event on Monday (07.05.12) and deliberately arrived early so she wouldn't be overshadowed by more famous attendees.

Coco - who wore a Givenchy pantsuit once worn by the late Dame Elizabeth Taylor - said: ''Of all the events, I have to say the Met Gala red carpet is most daunting. You have cameras on both sides of you all the way up a red-carpeted staircase. If you turn to one side, the other side boos. You really can't win.

''Once people learn your name they all begin screaming for you.

''I've made the mistake in years gone by of showing up a little late to the event, right when the Beyoncés and J. Los of the world are having their moment - then you have photographers screaming for you to get out of the way! So this year I came nice and early.''

Coco, 23, usually likes to do her own hair and make-up but is happy to draft in help for the Met Gala because it is so important.

She revealed in a blog for People: ''I usually do my own hair and makeup for events but for the Met Gala I pay out the big bucks. Everyone who is anyone is there so you want to put your best face forward.''

However, despite having 12 people on hand to assist, Coco ended her preparations with a mundane task - ironing her husband James Conran's shirt.

She said: ''After about four hours of hair and make-up we realised that James, my husband, had a wrinkled dress shirt so I did some very last-minute ironing like the Suzy Homemaker I am.''