Coco Austin finds it ''really hard'' balancing motherhood and her career.

The 'Ice and Coco' star admits it is tough finding time to do her own thing now she is a mother to 17-month-old Chanel.

Asked how she balances her work life and family life, Coco shared: ''It's hard, it's hard. The only time I can do work is within a two-hour period, and that's when she's sleeping ... during her nap time. And in that two-hour period, I have to get all my stuff done. And it's really, really hard.''

However, the couple find it much easier to ignore their critics, particularly those who have negative comments to make about their parenting style.

Ice T said: ''I think you have people watching you, but it depends if you care about scrutiny. Like, we don't care ... We're kinda immune to all that. Some people, it really bothers them what other people say. But they gotta know, they're just people [at] home, just talking mess.''

And Coco added to Us Weekly magazine: ''We face scrutiny whether you have a baby or not, so having a baby, you're like in this little microscope, because they want you to do something wrong so they can say something bad, that you're a bad mother. But we're just like regular moms, we're still trying to figure it out. We don't know everything, we're not perfect.''

Meanwhile, Coco previously revealed her daughter is a ''shoe freak'' at just a few months old.

She said: ''I'll find a cute little outfit for Chanel and I'll go shopping on the internet to find something that matches. [These outfits] didn't come together. I had gotten Chanel's outfit and I found mine on the internet. I'm an internet shopper ...

''I have two companies - Sugardollz, that's a main one, that makes [matching] yoga outfits for me, matching swimsuits. There's a couple cool mommy Instagrams that will make them for me, just custom make them ...

''She's now starting to become a shoe freak herself. I think she probably has about 100 pairs of shoes. Matching outfits, we got a good, like, 50-pair set.''