Coco Austin's daughter Chanel gets ''jealous'' whenever the model holds another baby.

The 'Ice and Coco' star revealed earlier this year that she still breastfeeds the two-year-old tot she has with her husband Ice-T, and she has now said she doesn't think the pair will be having another baby any time soon because Chanel is possessive over her mother's ''boob''.

When asked if she thinks she'll have another child, Coco said: ''No! Not at this time! [Chanel is] still my baby! I think about this over and over because I love being a mom ... but the way we travel is so extremely hard. Honestly, I think our life fits one child only.

''I don't think Chanel would like a baby sister or a baby brother. She gets jealous! Chanel gets jealous around other kids. It's so weird because, Chanel still breastfeeds, she still nurses ... every time I hold a baby and the baby is close to my boob, she goes, 'My boob!'''

Coco, 39, also explained that whilst Chanel no longer needs to be breastfed for ''nutrition'', she finds it comforting.

She added: ''Breastfeeding of course, you know, when they're young, they need you for nutrition. It's more of a blankie-type thing. Instead of her having a blanket, she has the boob.''

The model admits she will stop nursing Chanel at some point, but for the time being she says most people around her seem to be on board with the idea.

Speaking to E! News, she said: ''Ninety-five percent of people love the fact that I still do it. But then there's that five percent that like, want to attack. We'll get to that point where we'll say, 'Hey, OK, it's done.'''

Coco first revealed she was still breastfeeding in May this year, when she posted a snap on Instagram of Chanel holding her mother's breast during a nap and accompanied it with the caption: ''I follow some mother impowering pages here on Instagram and I love the inspiring pics they post showing the tenderness and love between a mother and child with or without nursing moments.. I love that I can be a part of that. @babychanelnicole has made me a more sensitive person now that I'm older. (sic)''

When fans flocked to the post to ask her if she's still nursing the toddler, Coco replied: ''Yep, but it's more for comfort now.''