Coco Austin's bum has grown two inches.

The 35-year-old TV star - who has her own reality show with husband Ice-T, whom she married in 2001 - was delighted to discover that her womanly curves are getting bigger yet her tiny waist is still the same size.

She shared the news via her official Twitter account @cocosworld, posting: ''My booty got bigger! My hips was a 40 now its a 42.True Fact! My waist is the same about 24.Thanks to my fitness app> (sic)''

The sexy star - real name Nicole Marrow - had an influx of requests from fans asking to see her hourglass figure and was keen to share the results of her hard work with them.

She added: ''Since my last tweet everybody wants a pic..hmmmmm Ok since you asked nicely..Ready???

''Pic request! #BootyPower #StrongLegs Sneak peak of what's yet 2 come 4 ShowMagazine.Comin soon (sic).''

Coco attached a picture of her in a bright yellow mesh dress which bared her curves and showed off her long legs, while she wore matching heels.