The mystery behind new punk band Cobra Starship has been revealed - the act is an indie supergroup made up of members from the SOUNDS, the ACADEMY IS and Midtown. The group had many film fans scratching their heads when they landed the theme to Samuel L Jackson's upcoming mid-air thriller SNAKES ON A PLANE. But the one-off act, which has recorded punky theme SNAKES ON A PLANE (BRING IT), features Swedish rocker MAJA IVARSSON, the Academy Is star WILLIAM BECKETT and Midtown's GABE SAPORTA, who wrote the track. Saporta came up with the theme tune while dreaming of penning a summer anthem with pal and bandmate Travis McCoy. He says, "The idea for this song came about one day when William, Travis and I were hanging out. Travis said, 'Man, you know what I really need? A yacht.' "William said, 'Gabe, why don't you write a song and get in a huge movie that features planes, as well as snakes on these aforementioned planes?'" Jackson is such a fan of the record, he agreed to star in the group's video.