Entertainment Tonight co-host Mark Steines and show producer Bonnie Tiegel appeared on CNN's Larry King Live Tuesday night to denounce reports that appeared on rival media outlets that ET had paid Anna Nicole Smith's lawyer/beau Howard K. Stern $1 million for an interview following Smith's death. "Larry, we do not pay for interviews. It is just not done," Tiegel told King. Steines maintained that ET was able to land the interview because the show had developed a "relationship" with Smith and Stern. "We were so close to this that Howard, when he saw me, when he sees Bonnie and our producers, they see a trusted face. They see somebody who they've allowed into their life. And that's ... how this interview came about." However, when King asked Tiegel, "Did you pay for anything else? Did you pay for -- if not for the interview, did you pay for a video he may have given you?" she appeared to dodge the question, repeating only, "We do not pay for interviews.