In a move that is likely to shut down TLC's hit Jon & Kate Plus 8 television series, Jon Gosselin said that he will go to court to prevent his children from participating further in it. "The reason I don't think it's healthy for them is that we're going through a divorce right now, and I don't think it should be televised and I think my kids should be taken off the show," Gosselin said in an interview with CNN's Larry King Thursday. A lawyer for Gosselin, Mark J. Heller, said that the reality series, which TLC said this week would be renamed Kate Plus 8 , would not likely continue because no court "would subject the children to the show if the father believes it's detrimental." In a statement sent to the King show, TLC noted that Gosselin had taped the show with the children only last Friday and called his comments on the King show "clearly opportunistic." It said, however, that it had halted "direct filming of the children." for the time being. A lawyer for Kate Gosselin said that Jon had signed agreement that the party with physical custody of the children will decide whether they will appear on the show.