Fox news anchor Brit Hume has expressed concern about the ability of the traditional news media to compete effectively against the Internet over the long haul. In an interview with Broadcasting and Cable, Hume remarked that "the glory days" of the nightly network newscasts are over. "The question is whether our glory days are past, too, all cable channels, because of the Internet." (In a related story, rival CNN is making its CNN Pipeline video service available for free today only so that Internet users can sample its online reports about the final day of the off-year elections.) Hume blamed FNC's current ratings decline on the fact that "the news this year has been less compelling." Nevertheless, he said, Fox News chief "Roger Ailes is pretty agitated" over the down trend. "Roger is an extremely competitive man. Roger doesn't just want to beat the competition, he wants to fling them down and dance on them. Roger is ferociously competitive. I like that attitude," Hume said.