CNN, Fox News, the nightly network news programs, and the morning talk shows, all of which had resisted jumping on the Tiger Woods scandal, finally did so over the weekend as the global consulting firm Accenture announced it would not renew its endorsement contract with the golfer, which several experts said was worth $7-8 million, nearly 10 percent of Woods's total endorsement earnings. Woods himself said in a statement that he plans to take an indefinite break from the PGA Tour, a move that was expected to result in plummeting ratings for golf coverage, thereby costing television networks millions of dollars in ad revenue. Marketing executives appeared on the air to urge Woods to make a public appearance and respond to the gossip. Meanwhile, the NBC magazine Dateline showed no reluctance to exploit the Woods scandal for ratings value. Friday night's special edition titled "The Secret Life of Tiger Woods," fronted by Josh Mankiewicz, the program's go-to guy for celebrity gossip, attracted 9.3 million viewers, making it the most-watched program of the evening.