CNN personality Larry King nearly was forced to put on a one-man show Wednesday night when his guest, former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean, seemed ready to walk out and was apparently dissuaded during a commercial break. Prejean, who was booked on the show to discuss her new book about losing his beauty-pageant title -- and before the scandal erupted over her alleged sex tape -- became clearly upset when King asked her why she settled her lawsuit against the pageant, insisting that she was bound by a confidentiality agreement. When King insisted that he was not asking her about the terms of the settlement, she interjected "I think that you are being extremely inappropriate right now, and I'm about to leave your show." A moment later, when King took a call from the audience, Prejean could be seen removing her microphone -- at which point King went to a commercial break. After the break, King explained that he was unaware that his producer had agreed not to take phone calls from viewers during the segment. He apologized and continued with softball questions to Prejean. Meanwhile, Vivid Entertainment, which calls itself "the world's leading adult film studio, has renewed its $1-million offer to Prejean to star in one of its porn movies. It said that she had failed to respond to its original offer in May. "Now that it's been revealed that she has actually made her own sex tape we know her reluctance certainly wasn't based on any fear of performing sexually for the camera," said Steven Hirsch, co-chairman of Vivid.