Photographer MARKUS KLINKO is threatening legal action against bosses at news network CNN after they aired a report about Mexican actress Fernanda Romero's alleged marriage scam, suggesting he had turned her over to police.
Romero, who had a small role in 2009 horror film Drag Me to Hell, was arrested in April (10) and accused of organising a sham marriage to American Kent Ross in order to become a U.S. citizen.
CNN recently ran a story on the case, portraying Klinko - a former lover of Romero's - as a "jilted boyfriend" who exposed the alleged scheme to federal agents.
But the fashion photographer has been left fuming by the report - because he was wrongly identified as the "snitch".
Klinko is demanding a retraction from CNN producers and is contemplating pursuing the matter in court.
He tells, "CNN published an article a little while ago that contains a lot of false statements, things that never happened, and we've been trying for days now for them (sic) to issue a retraction and unfortunately they are not forthcoming."
Klinko is no stranger to controversy - he and his business partner Indrani were recently embroiled in a dispute with Lindsay Lohan after she accused them of setting her up and giving her an incorrect call time for a photoshoot, which was being filmed for the couple's U.S. reality TV show Double Exposure.
Lohan maintains they created a drama for the show - an allegation Klinko has denied.
Meanwhile, Romero has denied the charge of marriage fraud. If found guilty, she faces five years behind bars.