After having predicted that MSNBC would be simulcasting in high definitionbefore the presidential election, MSNBC acknowledged that it probably won'tbe able to do before the second quarter of 2009. In an interview withMultichannel News, MSNBC President Phil Griffin said that the predictiont"pushed our guys hard." MSNBC is the only cable news channel that is notalready broadcasting in HD, and although it has seen a substantial ratingsgrowth over the past year due in large part to the intense interest in thepresidential election, it has not come close to equaling the growth rate ofits primary competitors, Fox News Channel and CNN. Griffin told MultichannelNews that in order to gain a larger audience among HDTV viewers, it'simportant for MSNBC to have space in the HDTV tier that cable operators sellto their customers. "You better be in HD in the next year or so, because youhave to be in that tier."