MSNBC chief Dan Abrams has forecast that his cable news network will pull ahead of CNN in the ratings by the end of the year. In an interview with Broadcasting and Cable, Abrams said, "We want to be ahead of CNN, and I expect that we will be within the year. I want to overdeliver and underpromise, so I hope it is faster than that." Abrams also appeared to welcome the attacks on personalities at his network coming from competitor Fox News. "Fox used to ignore us," he said. "Now they seem to be attacking us. It is somewhat perverse to take an attack as a compliment, but it sure seems that we're suddenly on Fox's radar in a way that we weren't before." Meanwhile, Fox News personality Bill O'Reilly stepped up his attack on MSNBC and the entire NBC News division in general, which, he said Monday, "spew out far left propaganda on a daily basis and direct vicious personal attacks on people with whom they disagree." Reilly added that NBC's top executives may "believe this is a responsible way to run a news division but students of journalism know this kind of garbage is unprecedented at the network level."