Howard Kurtz, arguably the most prominent media critic ever to appear in print or on television, has been fired by The Daily Beast and may also lose his job as host of CNN's Reliable Sources. Kurtz's firing -- he himself said that he had decided to part ways with the online publication -- came after he committed a serious error in a story about basketball star Jason Collins's disclosure that he is gay -- becoming the first athlete in a major sport to come out. On Wednesday he wrote that Collins had failed to reveal that he was once engaged to a woman. But a simple reading of his interview in Sports Illustrated showed that Collins had indeed spoken about his engagement -- and he did so again in a brief interview on CNN. His comment was almost inexplicably incorrect, commented Tom Scocca at Other media reporters soon pointed out that Kurtz had committed several other careless mistakes in his Daily Beast commentaries. quoted a CNN source as saying, People here have been groaning about Howie for years. ... He's like the Dick Morris of media critics -- just shoddy and out of The Game.