Mary J. Blige "loses it" if she is given a cold dressing room.

The 40-year-old singer is proud to be known as a "diva" but insists she makes few demands of the people around her, though there are certain things that make her really annoyed.

She said: "If the word diva means hard work, a woman that knows what she wants, and won't take no for an answer, I don't mind being that. I don't ask for much, you know. And the little things that I do ask for, I'm not screaming people's heads off. You know, I'm very calm. 

[I'll lose it] if my dressing room is cold. If it's freezing, you know, if it's like super cold, uncomfortable. Because I'm always cold anywhere. So if it's cold, just uncomfortable for me. "

Mary also revealed she requests a selection of sweets backstage because she believes they are good for her voice.

Explaining her demands on CNN show 'Piers Morgan Tonight', she said: "I have to have lemon and honey. I have to have apple cider vinegar, Braggs. And I have to have either Red Vines or Twizzlers. These things, you know, are the things that help my vocal performance. 

"So, you know, as far as that, I need that. I don't need M&Ms. I don't need Dr. Pepper. But I need these things right here. 

"The liquorice, it moistens your vocal chords. And you can do Gummy Bears as well.  I think you'll just have fun eating the Gummy Bears. But, you know, it's for singers. You know, it's just a tip. It kind of keeps your vocals lubricated. So, you know, I got it from a vocal coach. "