News Corp's Fox News Channel, whose deployment of overseas correspondents is not nearly so extensive as rival CNN's, was able to take full advantage of corporate sibling Sky News in the U.K. Thursday as the story of the airline terrorist plot unfolded. Sky News reporters were deployed not only at London's major airports but also throughout the city for local reaction and at Scotland Yard for official accounts. CNN International, however, hit the air first, providing wall-to-wall coverage, sans commercials, for its first four hours of coverage, from 1:15 to 5:30 a.m. EDT. The cable news network even put its marketing director, Mark Haviland, on the air as he waited at Heathrow Airport for his flight to Italy to be rescheduled. CNN also asked passengers who were caught up in the airport chaos to send them videos from their camera phones via CNN Exchange. In a statement, the cable news network also observed: "As the only satellite-delivered television service available to waiting air travelers throughout the United States, CNN Airport Network has served as an essential news and information source about the latest terrorism threat." Meanwhile, despite its NBC News resources, MSNBC did not begin coverage of the story until two hours after its rivals did.