Former CNN news chief Eason Jordan has invited conservative bloggers Michelle Malkin and Curt (who does not disclose his surname) of, to fly to Iraq at Jordan's expense to investigate a controversial Associated Press report claiming that Shiite militiamen burned alive six Sunnis as they left worship services last month. U.S. military officials denied the story as well as the existence of the A.P.'s primary source for it, identified in the report as Police Capt. Jamil Hussein. Malkin and Curt are among numerous conservative bloggers who have accused the A.P. in particular and the news media in general of disseminating enemy propaganda about the war. On Wednesday Jordan, who himself was forced to quit CNN after he publicly accused the military of targeting journalists covering the conflict (he later said that his remarks were misinterpreted), announced that he was creating a website, that would attempt to present non-partisan information about the conflict, primarily from the viewpoint of ordinary Iraqis. Malkin and Curt have accepted the invitation. On Thursday, First Lady Laura Bush joined the criticism of media coverage of the war when she said during an interview on MSNBC that "the drum beat in the country from the media [about the war] ... is discouraging." She added, "I understand why the polls are what they are because of the coverage we see every day in Iraq."