Imprisoned doctor Conrad Murray has been moved to a larger jail cell, just one day after lawyers for the disgraced physician lodged a complaint about his deteriorating health and cramped living quarters.

Murray has been held at the Los Angeles County jail since last November (11), when he was found guilty of administering the fatal dose of anaesthetic propofol, which claimed the life of his client Michael Jackson in 2009.

On Wednesday (10Oct12) the doctor's legal team went public with concerns Murray is facing permanent injury due to his cramped cell, revealing he was hospitalised last weekend (07Oct12) with venous stasis, a condition which can cause clotting due to decreased blood flow from a lack of movement.

Lawyers for the 59 year old asked Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca to relocate Murray or allow him to serve out the remainder of his sentence under monitored home confinement, and now he has been moved to a slightly bigger space - a cell measuring eight by ten feet (2.4 metres by 3 metres).

However, Murray's legal team is still not satisfied because the new holding room has a solid door with only a small window, unlike his previous one which had open bars for the detainee, who will not be eligible for parole until next year (13).

Lawyer Valerie Wass tells, "It's not a good thing. It's like being stuck in a closet and he's freaking out. He is feeling really isolated."

Wass and attorney Michael Flanagan plan to meet with jail officials to try and work out a new arrangement.