Bosses at CNN have been forced to retract an article which linked the members of punk act Hatebreed to the white power movement.
The bandmates took aim at the news network earlier this week (beg06Aug12) after they appeared on a list of hate-filled hardcore acts in an article about Sunday's (05Jul12) massacre at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin.
The white supremacist behind the killing spree was the frontman for white power group End Apathy.
A statement from the members of Hatebreed read: "Our music brings people of all races together all over the world. Cnn need to get their facts straight. Writers like Lonnie Nasatir are the reason why the American media is looked at as a complete joke. Cnn loses all respect, now they slander us. We demand a retraction and an apology."
A retraction has since been issued.