CNN co-founder Reese Schonfeld said Tuesday that he was "disgusted" with theround-the-clock live coverage by all three cable news networks of theMinneapolis bridge collapse. "That story ended early Thursday morning whenthe rescue teams went home and said that henceforth that their mission wouldbe recovery rather than rescue. Everyone who could be saved was saved, allthe rest were dead," Schonfeld wrote on his blog, Schonfeldalso criticized the decision to send all of the broadcast network anchors toMinneapolis to cover the tragedy. "The broadcast nets sent Charles and Brianand Katie right to the scene so they could show the bridge behind them andhave them doing slightly more intelligent interviews than local reportersmight have done. Even a good anchor/reporter like CNN's John Robertscouldn't find anything original to say about the story. By the time theanchors got there, there was no news to report." .